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Blindfold Japanese Chess


First Android App for Blindfold Japanese Chess.Improve your memory and imaging ability, thus skill in Shogi through this application that has aspect of brain training.Main Features Blindfold Japanese Chess  Play against AI(Computer)  Play against Human(Off line) Board Status Help  See Board  See record of game Game History
You play by inputting the move by text, but by using image.During the game, you can check the status of board or the record of the game as helpthat would help you to remember the current status of the game as you are lost tracking where you are.It is said , very advanced player or Professional player can play through a game without a glance of the help.You can try how far you can get and there is score displayed for blindfold chess score so that you can check how much you improve your ability.There is three level in AI(Computer) strength.
Enjoy the game and hope this will help you to improve the skill in Japanese Chess.